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No air blowing for tool change

GSK218MC-H CNC Retrofit Kit User:
Hi Mr. Huang
We now have our toolchanger working. We put in a stepper motor and driver and it is now functioning well.
How do you turn on the spindle blowing during a tool change?
I can turn it on in MDI mode by programming the M44 command, but during an automatic tool change there is no air blowing. Is there a parameter to turn it on?
After the tool unclamps, during a tool change, the Y1.5 output is supposed to turn on the air blowing through the spindle to clean the tool taper. It is activated by the M44 command. If I enter M44 in MDI mode the air turns on, but if I do a tool change, there is no air blowing. Is there a parameter to turn on the spindle blowing or do we need to change the macro?
CNCmakers Support:
1- No need M44 to active it.
2- Please use Y0.2 instead of Y1.5.
Y0.2 means tool unclamps
Connect air blowing relay with Y0.2 in parallel.
Then when tool unclamps, the air blowing also active.
The CNC retrofit kit includes: 
1) GSK218MC-H with additional panel
2) GE2030T-LA1-110SJT-M040D(A4I) 3 SETS
3) GE2030T-LA1-110SJT-MZ040D(A4I) with Brake 1 set
4) GE2030T-LA1-60SJTE-M013E(A4I) 1 set
5)MJB deconcentrator 1 set
6)GS3050Y-NP2-ZJY182-3.7BH-B5Y1 1 set

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