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Okuma Howa Millac Retrofit

Okuma Howa Millac Retrofit


Following you may find CNC retrofit package for Okuma Howa Millac:


Milling Machine CNC Controller C1000M   1 set


(CNC controller for milling machine with 3 axis simultaneously plus 1 spindle)


AC Servo Unit for  X and Y axis 3.8KW absolute encoder  2 sets


(Servo Motor+driver+cables+connectors,3.8KW,18Nm,max. 3000rpm,16.5A,175mm Support)


AC Servo Unit for Z axis 3.8KW with brake absolute encoder  1 set


(Servo Motor+Brake+driver+cables+connectors,3.8KW,18Nm,max. 3000rpm,16.5A,175mm Support)


AC Servo Spindle Unit 15KW   1 set


(Servo Spindle Motor-driver+cables+connectors,15KW, max. 7000rpm)


All Cables(6 meters), Software & Manuals  1set


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