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SMC208 Spring Machine Controller

There are several reasons for the length of the transmission line
 (1) For example: the length of a program written for 100 is actually only a few dozens or both long and short are unstable. The following two possibilities: 1. Check whether the gear ratio setting of each axis is correct.
Check whether the mechanical reel is pressed tightly or whether the line is straightened.
(2) Check the gear ratio settings of each axis: After resetting to zero, take a marker pen to make a mark at the mechanical rotation position, select the axis according to the picture and move the handwheel for a full circle, the bending axis rotates one circle and the system coordinate value is 360.0
3) Y-axis feeding shaft rotates one circle, the system coordinate value is the circumference of the feeding wheel X100; for example, if the circumference of the feeding wheel is 100, then it is 1003.14=31400. Take a marker pen between the two thread wheels to select the axis and shake it. The handwheel shaft rotates one circle, the system coordinate value is 314.0
(4) Check whether the wire feed wheel is pressed tightly or is too tight. Whether there is a problem between the gear and the gear with a large gap in the wire feed gear box.
If none of the above problems exist, you can fine-tune the denominator formula of the wire feed gear ratio as follows:
1. The program is written for 100 length and actually cut out only 98.5 with the current denominator value
1400*0.985=30929 Enter the denominator and then shut down and restart
The above method is effective when the mechanical gear ratio is correct. If the mechanical gear ratio is not correct, this is only useful at the time.

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