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SMTCL CAK5085 CNC Lathe with GSK 980TDi turning worm

Use low speed, high torque and good rigidity to machine worms;
No vibration, no abnormal noise, and good surface finish when machining workpieces;
Processing efficiency needs to be more than 15% higher than ordinary machine tools.
According to the characteristics of drawing the worm turning, large cutting force, and large worm pitch, Shenyang CAK5085 manual three-speed servo machine is selected, which has high torque during low-grade processing;
According to the worm pitch, a large worm blade is used to meet the requirements of cutting worms;
The clamping method uses a clamp and a top to meet the large torque transmission of the workpiece and maintain stability;
According to the characteristics of strong rigidity and large torque of the machine tool, the straight cutting method of the forming tool is selected.
Application effect
The processing time of a single piece of ordinary equipment is 150 minutes, while the processing time of a single piece of Shenyang third-grade CAK5085 machine tool is 78 minutes, the processing time is short and meets the demand;
The clamping uses one clamp and one top, which keeps stable and no shaking when the workpiece is transmitted with large torque;
No abnormal noise, no vibration, and good surface finish during processing, which can meet the processing requirements.


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