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SMTCL HTC40Em lathe with GSK 988TD CNC

Shenyang HTC40Em is a CNC lathe with high rigidity, good cutting performance, stable and reliable, which can be used for parts processing with high precision, high speed and high rigidity.
The integral spindle meets the requirements of high rigidity, high speed and high precision of the machine tool;
The 30-degree integral bed, optimized rib design, brings better chip removal effect and higher rigidity; the closed chip removal chamber ensures that the cutting fluid will not flow out, and the iron chips are easier to collect.
Support dual channel/12 axis/6 spindle
Support turning and milling combined processing
Support high-speed, high-precision, small-segment program processing
Support multiple sets of G code format
Support multi-spindle control/multi-Cs axis/rigid tapping
Support spindle synchronization control/feed axis synchronization control
Support tilt axis control/polygon processing
Support jerk control
Support high-speed thread processing and extremely fast thread run-out
Support network remote monitoring/support Modbus protocol
Support truss/pick-and-place arm application control
Support EtherCAT bus
Support third-party machine tool operation panel adaptation

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