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Spindle axis need to set to rotate axis

Dear CNCmakers.

We recently purchased a lathe machine with the GSK 980TDc Controller.  We are trying to rigid tap with it. 


We tried a couple commands that were given in the User Manual but they didn't work.  We got errors with both of these commands. 


We tried the G33 and we get an error saying "spindle does not rotate, or speed is to slow in thread cutting" 

We tried G84 and we get an error saying "Spindle axis need to set to rotate axis..."

The drive is a Sunfar.    V350


Can you help us out with these commands.





CNCmakers Support:


The G84 need to work with AC servo spindle motor and AC servo spindle driver.

The Sunfar V350 is a vector inverter, so G84 is not working.


For G33, the spindle must be already running before this G code.

And please set 980TDc PLC parameter DT8DT9DT21 to smaller, or even close to 0.

Which shortens the inverter's Acceleration and deceleration time.

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