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Stepper motors smoking

How to repair if a stepper motors smoking


There are several reasons may cause a stepper motor smoking.

1-      Water or oil come into the stepper motor’s plug or jack causes them burned

Solution: change the plug or jack, and prevent the water or oil come into them again


2-      The insulting property of stepper motor is damaged, which causes the power amplifier tube of the stepper driver breakdown and short circuit.

Solution: Disconnect the stepper motor and the stepper driver, turn on and run the stepper driver without stepper motor, and change the high and low level parameters, if there is no alarm, that means the stepper motor broken, need to change a new motor.


3-      The coil of the stepper motor is shorted, causes the stepper driver alarm.

Solution: If the power amplifier tube is breakdown, change the tube No. 460 or send the driver back for repair.

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