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The development trend of CNC machine tools

The basic consensus for the development of the world's CNC machine tool industry is to develop in the direction of high-speed, high-efficiency, precision, composite, intelligent, informatization, environmental protection, and modular design.
01 High speed and high efficiency
High-speed and ultra-high-speed processing technology can improve processing efficiency, and it is also an important guarantee for processing difficult-to-cut materials, improving processing accuracy, and controlling vibration. The key technology is to increase the spindle speed and feed rate of the machine tool. For example, to further increase the maximum speed, power, and torque of high-speed electric spindles, to use sensor technology for vibration monitoring and diagnosis, to further reduce the weight of the feed system, to use linear motors and torque motors to directly drive the three machine tools. Linear coordinate movement, etc.
02 Precision
Due to the precision of the machine tool structure and the processing of various components, it is no longer a problem for the machine tool to achieve micron-level accuracy. At present, the positioning accuracy (full stroke) of high-end CNC machine tools has reached 0.004~0.006mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.002~0.003mm. At the same time, ultra-precision nano-level machine tools that represent the level of accuracy have begun to emerge.
03 Composite
While the degree of integration of parts and components continues to increase and the number continues to decrease, the shapes of processed products are becoming more and more complex. The machine tool with multi-axis control is suitable for processing complex shapes. On the other hand, the shortening of product cycle requires processing machine tools to be able to adjust and adapt to new changes at any time to meet the processing needs of a variety of products. This requires one machine tool to be able to handle the processes that previously required several machine tools. On the premise of keeping the process concentration and reducing the reinstallation and positioning of the workpiece, more different processing processes are combined on a machine tool to reduce the floor space, reduce the transmission and inventory of parts, and ensure the processing accuracy and energy saving requirements.
04 Intelligent
Modern intelligent CNC machine tools can automatically adjust working parameters according to changes in cutting conditions, maintain the best working conditions, and obtain higher machining accuracy and lower surface roughness values, while also improving the service life of tools and equipment production. effectiveness. In addition, the system can also perform self-diagnosis and inspection on the CNC system itself and various equipment connected to it at any time, so as to realize fault shutdown, fault alarm, and prompting the location and reason of the fault. The development trend of intelligent modern CNC machine tools is to adopt artificial intelligence expert diagnosis system.
Using computer technology and network communication technology, machine tool manufacturers can establish a remote technical support system for machine tools to realize the transmission, storage, query and display of working condition information, as well as remote intelligent diagnosis. Based on the network connection, machine tool users can obtain remote technical support from the machine tool manufacturer in time, and the machine tool manufacturer can accurately and effectively obtain the user's machine tool working condition data, perform online online diagnosis of the machine tool status, and realize the opening of the machine tool's full production cycle service. Network monitoring service can improve the efficiency of after-sales service and help improve the quality of products in a timely manner.
06Environmental protection
Environmental protection is a condition that machine tool products must meet. Using dry cutting, quasi-dry cutting, hard cutting and other measures to avoid the ecological hazards of coolant and lubricating fluid to the surrounding environment, and the use of a fully enclosed cover to fully avoid chip or cutting fluid splashing are the two main environmental protection requirements.
07 Modular design
Modular design has been applied in machine tool manufacturing. The modular design of horizontal series, vertical series, full series, and cross series makes the same two machine tools look exactly the same in appearance, but the functions are completely different. Many of the modules are universal. Modular design will be a main line throughout the entire process of product design. Whether it is the trend of machine tool technology development or the requirements of market competition, whether it is the need to reduce costs or improve product quality, it is required in product development and design. Do a good job in modular design. Product production develops in the direction of social collaboration and specialization, and the small but complete model will be eliminated.

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