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The relationship between CNC programming and UG programming

CNC programming is the programming of mechanical processing machines. The programming is very simple, each is a command plus coordinates, but the programming of this program does not require knowledge of the computer. It requires a lot of knowledge of the mechanical process, such as the use of tools, materials, machine speed, and progress. A reasonable procedure can be compiled only by giving the amount and so on;
UG is a software, including CAD, CAM.CAE and other modules. CNC (Numerical Control Machine Tool) is the abbreviation of computer numerical control machine tool, which is a kind of automatic machine tool controlled by program.
CNC programming is the operation of the software CAM module. That is, the operation of a module of UG software.
Of course, in addition to UG, there are many other CAM software that can also be used for CNC programming. It depends on personal choice. If you look at the development of the industry, UG is the need for future development.
UG programming refers to the use of the 3D software NXUG developed by Siemens to compile digital programs for CNC machine tools. UG is the current world u advanced, oriented to the advanced manufacturing industry, tightly integrated CAID/CAD/CAE/CAM software system, providing a complete set of solutions from product design, analysis, simulation, and CNC program generation. It is based on the three-dimensional master model, has a powerful and reliable tool path generation method, and can complete the programming of milling (2.5 axis ~ 5 axis), turning, wire cutting, etc.
UG CAM is a representative CNC programming software in the mold CNC industry. Its characteristics are that the generated tool path is reasonable, the cutting load is uniform, and it is suitable for high-speed machining. In addition, the model, processing technology and tool management in the processing process are all related to the main model. After the design of the main model is changed, the programming only needs to be recalculated, so the efficiency of UG programming is very high.
If you want to have the practical ability of numerical control programming, in addition to learning UG software, you should also learn more about drawing and reading, machining methods, and the use of tools, and be familiar with most of the machine operations, as well as the structure, technology and flow of molds.

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