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Tool post inconsistently becomes stuck


Hello King,


It has been a long time.  Some years ago back in 2011 we have purchased a bulk supply of cnc 4 position tool posts.  We are finally selling them.  We have encountered the same issue from two of our customers, and we do not know how to help them.


The tool post "inconsistently" becomes stuck from one position to the next position.  For example, when you program the post to drive from position 1 to position 2 to position 3 and then to position 4.  No problem.  Then I drive to position 1 again, it gets stuck.  It does not want to drive from position 4 to position 1. 


Sometimes it get stuck from position 2 to position 3.  Sometimes it works from position 2 to position 3.  This the same post. 


Maybe the inside of the tool post needs to be lubricated?  But I do know know where to lubricate.  Please advise. 


Do you have a break down of the parts, or a manual you can send me?  Let's say there is another mechanical problem.  A breakdown of the parts perhaps can show me how to take the tool post apart so I can fix.


Please do advise as soon as possible as we need help to resolve this issue.   I would like to finish selling these posts and then place another order with you.  Thank you.



CNCmakers Support:

Attached you may find the user manual with breakdown drawing.

You can open the cover and try to put some lubrication and see if the problem solve or not.


When it stuck  from position 4 to position 1,  you can try to rotate the tool post at the lower left corner with a wrench, in clockwise direction.

If it could not be roatated by the wrench, that means mecanical stuck problem.

If it could be rotated by the wrench, that means electric problem, for example the contactor, the sensor, etc.

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