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Transformation and Application of GSK 990MC CNC System Grind

The number of control axes of the system is 3 axes (the belt machine has 2 axes);
Realize the process editing function of the sharpener;
Realize the import of DXF drawings into CNC production and processing programs
Realize the function of automatic grinding wheel repair and segmental compensation of the grinding track
Use GSK990MC to control, carry out function development on V1.5MDJ version
Add the function of importing computer-edited DXF graphics to the CNC system, and the system will automatically generate a sharpening program;
Increase the segmental compensation of each segment on the knife-grinding path corresponding to the axis;
Increase the multi-process editing function of sharpening, which can arrange multi-process processing online
Application effect
Import the DXF diagram into the CNC system to automatically generate a sharpening program, saving the time of manual editing on the system panel;
Process editing and segment compensation can shorten the effective time of workpiece production and improve production efficiency;
Special interface, concise and convenient, customers only need to fill in relevant variables to automatically generate processing programs;
It can realize the grinding process of various types of sharpeners and realize the diversification of processed products

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