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Wheel mold engraving processing with GSK980TDi CNC

After the Dalian 6180*1500 ordinary lathe is equipped with GSK980TDi system and changed into a CNC special machine, it can realize the indexing and engraving of the linear exhaust groove on the wheel shell mold.
Develop a transformation plan according to the customer's parts processing technology;
The spindle is driven by a servo motor, the synchronization wheel is changed to the synchronous belt to drive the spindle indexing rotation, the reducer is added to realize the inertia indexing positioning accuracy, and the disc brake function is increased (the mold size and weight are relatively large);
Install high-speed engraving and milling head on the X-axis pallet;
Can run continuously for normal mass production
Application effect
Meet customer requirements for indexing and engraving processing products, greatly reducing customer equipment investment costs

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