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Why Fanuc lost its reference point

Basic knowledge:
Common FANUC servo motor encoders have the following models:
A860-2070-T321 βiA1000 for FANUCβi servo motor absolute (no temperature detection)
A860-2020-T301 βiA128 for FANUC βi servo motor absolute
A860-2005-T301 αiI1000 for FANUCαi servo motor incremental
A860-2000-T301 αiA1000 is used for FANUCαi servo motor absolute
A860-0365-V501 αI64 for FANUCα servo motor increment
A860-0360-V501 αA64 is used for FANUCα servo motor absolute

Expand knowledge:
(1) FANUC absolute position encoder can replace incremental encoder, but incremental encoder cannot replace absolute encoder.
(2) The encoders of all βi servo motors are absolute.
(3) Use absolute encoder to set machine origin through parameter 1815.
The first step is to change the two parameters of 1815.4 and 1815.5 to 0.
The second step is to roll the machine axis with the handwheel to near the origin of the machine tool.
The third step is to change the 1815 parameters 1815.5APC and 1815.4APZ to 1 at the same time, turn off the machine, and set the origin successfully.
If the setting is unsuccessful, you can move the shaft about 2 cm with the handwheel, and repeat steps 123.
(4) How is the origin lost?
FANUC absolute position encoder has one more memory chip than incremental position encoder, and the origin data is recorded in the chip. The absolute position encoder has 2 more lines than the incremental position encoder, 0V, 6V, on our drive The battery supplies power to the memory chip of the encoder separately through these 2 wires.
It can be seen from the above figure that when the motor encoder plug is unplugged, or the JF1 plug is unplugged, or the battery is unplugged, the encoder origin may be lost. Mori Seiki and Makino machine tools generally use CXA2A and CXA2B plugs to collectively supply power to the drive, so it is easy to lose the origin of all axes at the same time.
(5) Replace the encoder battery
If the low battery voltage alarm occurs, the battery needs to be replaced, and the battery must be replaced when the battery is turned on.

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