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Why alarm SV0401 and solution

SV0401 Alarm reason
SV0401, the servo ready signal is disconnected (V READY OFF), common causes:
1. This alarm occurs when the servo amplifier servo ready signal (VRDY) has not been turned on or turned off during operation
2. This alarm is caused by other servo alarm
3. This alarm is caused by a strong electric circuit around the amplifier
4. This alarm is caused by the failure of the servo amplifier, main board and CNC axis card
SV0401 alarm principle
The red arrow and signal name indicate the command, and the blue arrow and signal name indicate the feedback signal. After the CNC issues the MCON command, if the DRDY signal is not received within a certain period of time, an SV0401 alarm will occur.
SV0401 alarm analysis method
No matter what the system is, the first step is to do: if other alarms occur at the same time, first resolve other alarms.
[Key points] No.358 of the diagnostic information (DGN) analyzes the cause of the failure (applicable system: 0i-B/C/D/F/FPlus, 16i/18i/21i-A/B, 31i/32i/35i-A /B and other systems)
Diagnosis 358 is used to analyze the cause of the SV0401 alarm. Convert the displayed value to binary and check bit 5 to bit 14. When the excitation of the servo amplifier is turned on, it is set to 1 in order from the low bit 5 in order. During normal startup, bit 5 to bit 14 are all 1, and diagnosis 358=32737. Confirm from the low-order bit in turn. The first "0" bit is the cause of the SV401 alarm.
#5 HRDY: system monitoring program starts
#6 *ESP: emergency stop signal
#7, #8, #9: MCON signal (NC→servo amplifier→general power supply)
#10 CRDY: General power supply ready signal
#11 RLY: Relay signal (DB relay drive)
#12 INTL: Interlock signal (DB relay release state)
#13 DRDY: Amplifier preparation is over (Amplifier)
#14 SRDY: Amplifier preparation is over (software)
SV0401 alarm, the fault point can be determined according to the value of diagnosis 358:
SV0401 Alarm Solution Idea
Four common solutions for SV0401 alarm:
1. Is the control power of the universal power supply turned on?
2. Are the universal power supply and each amplifier good?
3. Has the emergency stop been lifted?
4. Is the MCC connected? Measure pins 1 and 3 of the CX3 (MCC) interface and pins 2 and 3 of the CX4 (ESP) interface.

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