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How to repair when X and Z axis alarm of a CNC lathe

How to repair when X and Z axis alarm of a CNC lathe?

CNC lathe specification: GSK980TD(or GSK980TDa,GSK980TDb)/DA98A(or DA98B,DA98D), double speed spindle motor, 4 station tool post


How to solve the problem:

1-      Problem detail: The X axis alarm and Z axis alarm suddenly appear during CNC lathe working process, and can not remove the alarm by press any key.

2-      Check if the problem is same as described by user: Turn on CNC controller the X axis and Z axis alarm appears, then open the electric cabinet behind the CNC lathe but there is no alarm on X axis or Z axis AC servo driver.

3-      Diagnose: Above problem can be checked by below steps:

Step 1-Check if the 24V of CNC controller power supply lost or not?

Step 2-Check if the I/O board of CNC controller has problem or not?

Step 3-Check the wiring from CNC controller to AC servo driver is well connected or not?

Step 4-Check if there is problem for AC servo driver?

Step 5-The CNC controller parameter is set correct or not?  From


If there are X axis and Z axis alarm pop up simultaneously when the CNC lathe machine is working, usually it is because the 24V of power supply for the AC servo drivers lost, in this case we found the 24V lost, after change the power supply the CNC lathe back to normal again.


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