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Z axis moves only 12mm instead of 100mm


GSK980TDc and GS2100T-NP1 User

Recently we acquired a GSK Module for our control 980D


GS2100T-NP1 AC


This module was installed on Z axis for  MITSUBISHI LATHE, with GSK980D control and it is part of retrofit that was recently made.


We have a problem with  this module, it  was installed , tested and works  but, we have a displacement error on Z axes:

our system is in millimeters but when we programed a travel on Z axes (for example fom home or zero to 100mm) the Z axis moves only 12mm instead of 100mm


after the movement of Zaxis is complete,  on the screen appears the amount programed, I mean 100mm


We are trying to modify some related parameters but maybe we have made mistakes

Could you provide us technical support, procedure o related parameters?



CNCmakers Support:

Please set PA5, PA29 and PA30 the same as original GS2100T-NP1.

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