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Z-axis structure design of gantry machining center

It adopts 400 square ram full-contained guide rail form, which is suitable for the processing of products with high torque and heavy chips, as shown in Figure 2. The ram is made of high-strength, high-quality cast iron and resin sand, and the guide rail pair is made of German Pool plastic laminated board + intermediate frequency hardened sliding guide rail structure, strong lubrication system, and this structure has strong shock resistance. The ram has a symmetrical design, which is more in line with the law of thermal deformation. The thermal deformation analysis of the ram is shown in Figure 3.
2. The assembly accuracy of the auxiliary support bearing of the square ram drive shaft is guaranteed by machining
The power output of the main shaft is outputted by the speed reduction box and transmitted to the main shaft through the transmission shaft. The coupling installation parts of the transmission shaft and the main shaft need to add auxiliary support bearings to increase the transmission rigidity and coaxiality retention. In the previous model with this structure, the bearing installation position adopts the form of eccentric sleeve or bearing seat potting to ensure the coaxiality requirement; the auxiliary bearing installation position of the current model is directly guaranteed by processing, which is convenient for installation and shortens the assembly time. After the adjustment, the accuracy retention is better and it is convenient for subsequent maintenance, as shown in Figure 4.
3. The main drive shaft adopts self-made gear coupling
The main drive shaft adopts Haitian’s self-made gear couplings. The upper and lower ends of the drive shaft are respectively connected with the output shaft of the transmission box and the tail of the main shaft to achieve high torque power transmission. The gear coupling is connected by internal and external teeth. There is a certain amount of space in the axial direction, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, and has a good offsetting effect on the thermal elongation of the main drive chain, as shown in Figure 5. The self-made production of the coupling provides an effective guarantee for the matching of after-sales maintenance parts and reduces the dependence on external purchases.
4. The main transmission box adopts a two-gear shift structure
The main transmission box adopts a two-speed shift structure, which is fast and convenient, rotates smoothly, and has low noise. When the high and low gear shifts are in place, a spring locking mechanism is added to make the shifting action safer and more reliable. The main motor mounting plate increases the ventilation structure, and the compressed air is introduced, which can effectively block the heat generated by the motor, reduce the influence of temperature rise on the accuracy of the main transmission box, and provide a good operating environment for the main transmission box. The transmission box has a compact overall structure, complete self-made spare parts, and convenient maintenance.

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