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Zero Adjusting Mode

GE2000T-LA1 and A4I motor user:

Hi, We have a problem with the Z akse servo motor.

We had to open the motor to make the shaft smaller, so we dismantled the encoder from the shaft.

Is there any way to get the encoder in proper position again.

Is there any learning function in the servo driver?



CNCmakers Support:

1- Please use short ethernet cable to connect CN1 and CN2 of the GE2000T servo driver.

2- Make sure the motor type is set correct, and current no ENABLE signal and no error.

3- Set password PA0=510.

4- Cotrol mode change to zero adjusting mode PA4=4

5- Now force PA98=1 by changing servo parameter.

6- Turn to page C0_rdy, press the confirm key and DO NOT release until there is Finish shown.

7- Quit the zero adjusting mode, P98=0, P4=0, turn off the power then restart, ok.

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