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Value of the electrical gear ratio


GSK218MC-H and  GE2050T-LA1 User

Dear Sir,

Kindly, we retrofitted a MAZAK vertical mill, then we made one piece on the cnc, but found some differences between the set values in the program, and the actual dimensions of the made piece.

So we are checking the ratio calculations, to be sure of the parameters. In the drives, parameter 12 value is 1024, and parameter 13 is 125, for each axis. The ball screw is 17 mm, and the pulley ratio is 1/1.


Based on the below formula, we have the value of the electrical gear ratio as follows ?

G = ( 131072 / ( 17 / 0.001 ) x ( 1 / 1 )

Are the above values correct ?

Then what should be the values of the drive parameters 12 and 13 ?

Or can we also change the cnc parameters P160 to P168 ?




CNCmakers Support:


If the ball screws are all 17mm, then please set P12=16384, P13=2125 on all drivers.


No need to change cnc parameters P160 to P168



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