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GXK1000TC small panel woodworking lathe system

* X, Z, Y, A four-axis control, Y-axis, A-axis axis name, axis type can be defined



* 1ms interpolation period, control accuracy 1μm, 0.1μm optional


*Speed 60m/min (speed 24m/min at 0.1μm)


*Adapting the servo spindle can realize automatic switching of asynchronous servo spindle turning and milling, and can also be electromagnetically switched.


* Built-in multi-PLC program for automatic loading and unloading.


* Support both woodworking car function and milling twist column and engraving function. The system software includes both perfect cutting processes.


* Support double-blade and single-blade one-time forming, support double-knife and single-knife repeated turning forming


* Support statement macro code programming, support macro call with parameters


* Breakpoint memory function, the electrical position will not be lost during processing


* Graphic display, real-time processing trajectory movement tracking display.


* Import of processing files supports manual editing of G commands, U disk G code files and dxf files for direct reading, and Chinese DBF file import.


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