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Two-axis economical lathe CNC system GXK10T


This system is an economical 0.1um grade lathe CNC system. It achieves high speed, high precision and high reliability with high integration, simple operation, complete programming instructions, unique acceleration and deceleration control and interpolation algorithm. The efficiency, precision and surface quality of parts processing have a high performance-price ratio and are the choice of economical CNC lathes.

Control axis: control the number of axes 2 axes (X, Z)

Number of linkage axes: 2-axis linkage (X, Z)

Interpolation function: linear interpolation, circular interpolation, interpolation speed: 60m/min

Code unit: 0.001mm and 0.0001mm optional (additional shaft is also optional 0.01mm)

Location code range: +99999999* code unit

Fast rate: F0, 25%, 50%, 100%, four levels adjustable

Feedrate override: 10~150%, a total of fifteen levels of real-time adjustment

Electronic gear: command multiplication factor 1~8192, command division factor 1~8192

Handwheel feed: *1, *10, *100, *1000 four gears

7-inch full color digital LCD screen with a resolution of 800*480

Chinese display, can display two-dimensional tool path

8 operating rights management


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