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GSK27 CNC System

GSK27 CNC control system uses multiple processors to achieve nm-level control and human computer interface, the menu can be configured according to ergonomic design, more in line with the operator of the process used; an open software platform, you can easily connect with third-party software; high-performance hardware supports up to 8 channels, 64-axis control.


GSK27 uses Open CNC system platform, good for third-party software support;

Multi-channel, multi-axis control;

High-performance processors to achieve nanometer-level control;

Supports a variety of commonly used software tool path programming procedures;

Electronic hand wheel to manually control the axis;

Three-dimensional tool compensation;

With a rotary tool center programming;

With remote diagnosis; a three-dimensional simulation;


GSK27 has Multi-channel configuration, the standard is 2-channel, up to eight channels, which can control 32 axes, single axis of the maximum number of 8-axis control, support channel independent, simultaneous work function.

2000 section of the forward-looking and smooth track capacity, 0.5ms interpolation cycle.

Compressed into small segments spline interpolation of high-speed high-precision.

Format supported NURBS spline interpolation.

Acceleration control of flexible acceleration and deceleration.

Smooth transition of a small segment rounding function.

The use of closed loop position control, PID, velocity feedforward control to high precision, high-speed high-precision servo-driven configuration unit.

Open PLC: PLC online edit, diagnostics, signal tracking, flexible configuration, more I/Os to meet the requirements of the user's further development.

Communication interface: with RS232, USB interface, based on the TCP / IP Ethernet interface.

Screen with high brightness and high resolution 800x600 Color 10.4-inch LCD display, nice.

Powerful host PC software provides remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, remote maintenance, network DNC functions.


CNC Retrofit Kit:


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