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GSK988M including GSK988MA, GSK988MA-H, GSK988MB and GSK988MB-H Machining Center CNC controllers from CNCmakers, these CNC systems based on GSK-Link Industrial Ethernet bus with ARM + DSP dual-core architecture, with 8.4 inch /10.4 inch TFT LCD, supports six axes, three spindle support look-ahead forward control and high-order spline fitting technique to achieve high speed interpolation 1ms. Supporting GS-L series servo drive unit can be connected grating, support reluctance encoders, magnetic grid adaptation and round grating. Servo with online debugging, online diagnostics. Using an independent key structure, beautiful, generous, users can meet the application requirements for key functions redefined.







1-controlled six axes (including Cs axis), three spindles
2-command unit 1um and 0.1um optional, 1um maximum speed of 240m / min, 0.1um maximum speed of 100m / min
3-servo drives and I / O unit using the bus connection control GSKLink
4-Support for look-ahead forward control technology
5-Support spline fitting technology
6-support mill-turn machining
7-built-in multi PLC program, PLC ladder online editing
8-part program background edit
9-have a network interface, support for remote monitoring and file transfer
10-with USB interface, support U disk file operations, system configuration and software upgrades

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