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 K1000MFi uses KSSB servo bus, equipped with SD310 feed servo and ZD210 spindle servo, which can be suitable for various drilling and milling machines, machining centers, surface grinders and other models. K1000MFi provides two structures of horizontal (F1) and vertical (F2), a variety of machine tool operation panels, improve the recognition and ease of operation of the machine tool, help users to strengthen from "function", and gradually upgrade to a new path of "brand" .





New hardware platform with high-performance CPU for faster system speed.

Integrated flat cast aluminum panel, oil and water resistant, 8-inch color LCD screen.

The maximum rapid speed is 120 m / min and the maximum feed speed is 48 m / min.

5 feed axes, 1 servo spindle, can be used for drilling and milling machines, machining centers, etc.

Built-in truss parallel control function, taking into account processing and loading and unloading, is the most cost-effective truss control scheme.

Built-in processing accuracy level, which can be called by itself according to the requirements of processed products.

Upgrade file management and program editing functions to quickly preview files, verify tracks, and improve operational efficiency.

The system is upgraded to two-hand wheel and dual analog spindle interface.

It is equipped with an Ethernet interface as standard, with KAPI function, and can be connected to KND's KWS data service system.

Open PLC, built-in standard PLC program, rich in functions, safe and reliable, can also be developed by yourself.

The local DI / DO is 48/32, which can meet the use of general machine tools, and the bus module can be expanded.

The standard 23-bit absolute encoder motor is equipped for better machining results.





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