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 K2000MC (i) is a new-generation bus-type high-end machining center CNC system developed by Kaindi. It adopts 8.4 / 10.4-inch LCD screen, horizontal / vertical structure, and has 4 shapes. The system communicates with the servo unit in real time through KND Serial Servo Bus (KSD), which can control the feed axis, analog spindle, digital spindle, I / O module, etc. The matching servo driver and high-resolution absolute encoder motor can achieve 0.1 μm level position accuracy, which can meet the needs of high-precision milling.






The system uses ARM9 microprocessor to achieve high-speed and high-precision control.

KND Serial Servo Bus (KSB) is used for simple connection, convenient maintenance, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. (K2000MCi)
It adopts 8.4 / 10.4 inch TFT color LCD screen with resolution of 640 × 480. The panel has four specifications (C1 ~ C4).
Equipped with 5 NC axes as standard, up to 8 axes, can control milling machines and machining centers.
The system interpolation cycle is 2ms, the internal control accuracy of the system is 1 nanometer, and the minimum command unit is 0.1μm.
Fast speed up to 240 m / min, feed speed up to 60 m / min (at command unit 1μm).
With open PLC, it supports ladder diagram display, online editing, signal diagnosis, signal tracking, etc. to meet the needs of secondary development.
The DI / DO standard configuration is 40/24 and can also be expanded by IO modules. (K2000MC)
The digital and analog interfaces for machine tools are extended by bus-type remote I / O modules, and the DI / DO can be configured with a maximum of 512/512 points. (K2000MCi)
With industrial Ethernet function, you can manage the programs, parameters, tool offsets and macro variables of multiple systems on the PC side, and support Ethernet PLC debugging.
On the system side, servo drive parameters can be displayed and modified, and the status of the servo drive can be monitored in real time to facilitate machine tool debugging. (K2000MCi)
It has high-speed and high-precision functions, power failure, breakpoint management functions, front acceleration and deceleration control functions, small line segment pre-reading and smooth processing functions.
With macro program B function, it is convenient for users to develop complex craft processing programs.
With Chinese input method, the program can be annotated in Chinese.
Support 3D solid graphics function, can perform fast drawing verification procedures.
It has the functions of Cartesian coordinate system, spatial three-point circular interpolation, polar coordinate interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, imaginary axis interpolation, polar coordinate command, scaling, coordinate rotation, and tilt plane designation.
Standard SD300 servo driver is matched with high-precision absolute value encoder, no need to switch to zero and save travel switch. (K2000MC)
The SD310 servo bus driver is standard equipped with high-precision absolute encoders, which eliminates the need to switch to zero and saves travel switches. Optional grating ruler for full closed-loop control. (K2000MCi)
It can be equipped with a digital spindle to achieve high-precision indexing, high-speed tapping, and fast positioning.

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