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AC Servo Motor & Drivers

AC servo motor & drivers(amplifier) servo units are suitable for CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and machining centers, or other industrial applications,

Each servo unit has one AC servo motor and one AC servo driver.


AC servo drivers: with DSP and CPLD, high integration and reliability

Optimized PID control arithmetic to control motor, increased the veracity and celerity of position and speed

Mitsubishi IPM, perfect protection, alarm code display, alarm signal output

Total digital control, user setup of parameters and different display content

Control mode: 1-Position control 2-Speed control 3-Speed dry run 4-JOG run

Control input: 1-servo enable 2-alarm release 3-CCW drive forbid 4-CW drive forbid 5-warp counter cleanup/ speed select 1 6-dictate pulse forbid/speed select 2 7-CCW torque limit 8-CW torque limit

Input mode: 1-pulse + direction 2-CCW pulse/ CW pulse

3-2 phases A/B quadrature pulse

Control output: 1-servo prepared output 2-servo alarm output 3-positioned output/ speeded output


AC servo motors features:

High performance rare earth permanent magnet material, high power, large load;

Excellent reverse potential sine, sine wave current drive and excellent low speed performance;

Motor inertia meeting machine feed drive;

F level insulation material to extend motor life;

Imported feedback components, original imported low-noise motor bearing to reduce vibration and noise;

Full airproof and high reliability to meet industry environment;

Optimum matching with our AC servo drive unit to realize optimum servo performance.

AC servo motor & Drivers parameters:

80ST-M01330 EP100B -2A 1.3Nm, 3000rpm, 0.4Kw

80ST-M02430 EP100B -2A 2.4Nm, 3000rpm, 0.75Kw

80ST-M03330 EP100B -3A 3.3Nm, 3000rpm, 1.0Kw

110ST-M02030 EP100B -2A 2Nm, 3000rpm, 0.6Kw

110ST-M04030 EP100B -2A 4Nm, 3000rpm, 1.2Kw

110ST-M05030 EP100B -2A 5Nm, 3000rpm, 1.5Kw

110ST-M06020 EP100B -2A ; EP100B -3A 6Nm, 2000rpm, 1.2Kw

110ST-M06030 EP100B -2A ; EP100B -3A 6Nm, 3000rpm, 1.6Kw

130ST-M04025 EP100B -2A ; EP100B -3A 4Nm, 2500rpm, 1.0Kw

130ST-M05025 EP100B -2A ; EP100B -3A 5Nm, 2500rpm, 1.3Kw

130ST-M06025 EP100B -2A ; EP100B -3A 6Nm, 2500rpm, 1.5Kw

AC Servo Driver User Manual:  


AC Servo Motor User Manual:  



CNC Retrofit Kit:

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