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DA98E AC Servo Driver

DA98E AC servo Drive Unit (also known as bus-oriented AC servo Drive Unit) is anew generation of products with an up-to-date industrial Ethernet bus communication interface.

The external control device for the series of Unit can communicate with several GSK-LINK bus-oriented AC servo Drive Unit through only one network cable. They feature simple interfaces,easy installation and high compatibility. Through a high-speed and reliable GSK-LINK field bus andprotocol, a NC system may receive/send diversified data including position, speed command, motorencoder data, controlling parameters for current loop, speed loop and position loop, state parametersof drive unit and other messages from/to a servo Drive Unit. By supporting diversified data, thesystem may exert control over the operation of a motor and better realize the real-time monitoring ofthe control and  drive Unit  through  configuration of position, speed command and adaptiveparameters of the system, thereby further improving the processing efficiency and accuracy of the NC system. With a built-in  advanced  and dedicated chip for  control over the motor, a  FPGA(Field-Programmable Gate Array) and a new IPM intelligent power module, the servo drive unit ischaracterized by high integrity, compactness, complete protection and high reliability.
DA98E AC servo unit has the following advantages over step drive Unit:
    No out-of-step
    The servomotor is provided with an encoder that    Open-loop control     Stepper motor
    feeds back position signal to the servo drive unit
    and  exerts  semi-closed  loop  control  with  an
    open-loop control device.
    Wide speed ratio and constant torque
    Speed regulation ratio of 1: 5000 and constant
    torque characteristics at low to high speed;    Controller
    Incremental   encoders   or   Tamagawa   17-bit
    absolute encoders are available upon customer’s request.
    High speed and accuracy
    Maximum rotating speed of servomotor: 3,000 rpm; rotary positioning accuracy: 1/10,000r
    Note: The maximum rotating speed of servomotor varies with its model.
DA98E Series AC Servo Drive Unit  User Manual
    Simple and flexible control
    It is possible to properly set the operating mode and characteristics of the servo system through
    the system interface in order to meet different requirements.
DA98E compared to the traditional DA98 servo series
    The data transfer speed is up to 100MBit/s by using an industrial Ethernet bus for
    communication transmission.
    High anti-jamming capacity, bit error rate: 10-12
    The closed and open loops share one hardware structure with a communication data
    length of 0~256 (bits) and minimum communication cycle of 50µs.
    It is easy to operate and adjust servo parameters and possible to adjust servo parameters
    and monitor servo through the system interface.

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