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DAH01 and DAH2075E

  The AC servo drive unit (all digital AC drive unit with high precision and high speed) of DAH series (including DAH01 and DAH2075E) is a new generation of high-precision and high-speed AC servo product. It can be used together with various open-loop andclosed-loop control systems. The servo unit uses an international advanced special chip for motor control (TMS320F2812PGFA DSP), a large scale programmable gate array(CPLD/FPGA)and anIPM intelligent  power  module. It is of high integrated level, small dimension, safe protection andhigh reliability. Its performance has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, for an optimal PID algorithm is used to complete PWM control; besides, it can intelligently identify various servo motor models and has parameter auto setting function. Its servo motor uses a 17 bitshigh-precision absolute encoder. The servo drive unit of the series can be applied to mechanical manufacture, CNC machines, printing and packing machines, textile machines, robots, automatic manufacturing lines and other automation fields.

    DAH series AC servo unit has the following advantages:
1-Using the most advanced 32-bit DSP processor (F2812) of TI Company to shorten signal processing time and improve current sampling precision. System processing capability has been greatly improved due to the 150MIPS of frequency of F2812.
2-The system uses a 17-bit absolute encoder with 131072 lines. Compared with incremental encoders,  absolute  encoders  are  characterized  by  high  positioning  precision,  strong anti-interference ability, motor rotor position memory and convenient installation.
3-Bus communication uses GSK-LINK communication mode, which can fully meet the control requirement of more than five axes. Up to 254 servo drive units can be connected theoretically,and data transmission rate is 100Mbit/s;
4-Fully closed loop control between CNC and servo unit, on-line upload and download of servo parameters, diagnostic message feedback of the servo and servo alarm monitoring can be realized in bus communication mode; memorizing workpiece coordinate system after power-off and returning to zero point without a stroke limit switch are realized too;
5-Analog instruction interface uses a high–precision A/D (16 bits) convertor. It has strong anti-interference ability and small zero drift.
6-High speed and high precision: a servo unit can drive a servo motor of 6000r/min; speed ratio: 1:60000; it has stable torque characteristics from low speed to high speed; rotary positioning precision: 0.0762μm;
7-Intelligent identification for motor models and auto-setting control for parameters: DAH series AC servo unit intelligently reads various models and parameters into the servo unit when power is turned on. When a motor is replaced with the one of different model, its corresponding default parameter can be resumed automatically; in different load inertia ratios, it can accurately identify system control models and has parameter auto-setting function.
8-Simple and flexible control: set the operation mode and operation characteristics of the servo drive unit by modifying parameters to meet different requirements.
DAH01 and DAH2075E user manual:

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