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GH2000 GH3000 Bus AC Servo Drive

 The GH2000/GH3000  Series  Bus  AC  Servo  Drive  Unit  includes GH2030, GH2050, GH2075, GH2100, GH3048, GH3050,

GH3075 and GH3100(It  is  the  one high-accuracy and high-speed full digit AC servo drive unit) is the updated developed

one based upon the GSK-Link Ethernet Bus Agreement of our company,which provides a reliable drive control of the AC

servo motor with the absolute encoder.

It uses the GSK-Link Ethernet bus communication method; and its data transmission rate  can  be  performed  up  to  about
100M bits/s;  the  on-line  data  real-time uploading/downloading can be carried out.
It uses the servo motor installed with the absolute encoder, and its encoder number can be set from17 to 28.
One interface supports variable encoder agreed communications, for example,TAMAGAWA, HEIDEHAIN, DANAHER,
and NIKON.
Intelligently identify the motor’s type; the SJT (A4) series servo motor type or the default parameter call can be identified after
the power is turned on.
There are two kinds power mode selection, one is that the GH3000 series uses AC380V; the other is that the GH2000
uses AC220V.
Multiple  power  selection,  the  power  module  30A/50A/75A/100A/150A  can  be selected.
Range of Application
It can be used in these areas, such as the mechanical manufacture, CNC machine, printing & packing machine, spinning
machine, robot and the automatic assembly line.

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