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New CNC control systems

New CNC control systems up coming, including 9 turning lathe machine CNC controllers: GSK928TA2, GSK98T, GSK928TEa, GSK980TDb,

GSK980TDc, GSK980TDc-V, GSK928TCa, GSK988T, GSK988T-H, and 7 milling machine & machinining center CNC controllers:  GSK218MC-V,GSK218MD-H,GSK990MA,GSK25i,GSK983Ma-H,GSK980MDc,GSK980MDc-V.

Such as:
GSK928GE grinding machine CNC controller and multiple axes positioning control system GSK96.

GSK988T with 5 axes(including CS axis), any 3 axes linkage, 2 analog spindle, it is a CNC system suitable for turning center.

GSK983Ma with Wince operation system and modularized I/O unit is a high precision and high speed CNC controler for machining centers.

GSK25i milling machine and machining center CNC sysetem with 5 axes control and linkage, bus-mastering.


CNC conversion kit:

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