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Our sales team has the technology and product knowledge necessary to provide you with the right CNC solution for your Machine Tool, no matter if you are machine builder, system integrator or end user. We provide products, systems and solutions for new machines and also for Retrofitting existing machines.  

Our Advantages: Experienced Technical Sales Personnel, Both Products & Complete Solutions , Quick Response for Quotations & Technical Proposals Capabilities.
 Main products & service:

1-CNC Retrofit Package for retrofitting lathe/milling machine/machining center.

2-CNC Controller for lathe/Turning Machine

3-CNC Controller for Milling Machine/Machining Center

4-CNC Controller for plasma/flame cutting

5-AC servo drive

6-AC servo motor

7-Spindle servo motor & driver

8-Frequency inverter/Frequency converter/Vector control/AC drive

9-4 6 8 station tool post, NC turret, power turret, tool changer, tool carriage.

10-Retrofitting consultant & CNC tech support.

CNC Retrofit Kit Brochure:

CNC retrofit kit Introduction in other languages:
CNC مقاوم سازی کیت               CNC modernização                  CNC modernizacja                Sistema di controllo CNC
CNC řídící systém               CNC Larik retrofitting                CNC Strung Reabilitarea                CNC Güçlendirme