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Regular Inspection and Maintenance of CNC machines

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

1.1.1     Direct Inspection
1. Ask
Ask the operator for detail problem carefully, including the What was the problem and how was the problem occurred,  discuss with the operator or other related person, the operator should know the problem details like why the problem appeared and what is the result of the problem, normally there are some questions for the operator:
1)    The whole course of the insident (When and how?)
2)    What was the result or behave of the problem?
3)    The problem occurred gradually or just pop up?
4)    Was it happened before?
5)    Maintenance record.
2. See
Examine each parts of the machine tool are in normal positions or not? (Like the axes position, spindle motor status, tool bank, robot hand position, etc.), and check if there is any alarm for the electric devices? (Like CNC controller, templeture control system, lubrication system), Check also if there is any fuse or components burned out, broken or wires disconnected, each conponents in correct positions or not, etc. During the examination following should be detected:
1)    Burned out and sparkle
2)    Machanical locked or machanical parts distortion.
3)    Wires loosened, disconnected or fault welding.
4)    Problem appearance
3. Listen
Listen to the sound and judge what would be the problem, like:
1)    Spindle noise
2)    The sound when the axes moving.
3)    Motor noise
4)    Relay or contactor click sound
4. Smell and touch
Shut down the power of the machine, then touch the PCB circuit boards to check the components, sockets,power and signal lead wires(Like servo driver and motor contactor lead wire) and wiring terminals are installed in good condition or not, to find out courses of the problem. Sometimes smell can find out the problem point, when there would be chip or wires burned, and touch the surfaces can feel the templeture, machanical vibration and backlash, etc.
5. Turn on the power
To check if there is any smoke, sparkle, unsual noise, smell, and touch the surface to find out if there is any overheat motor or components, once there is any mentioned symptom then shut down the power immediately and analyse the reasons.

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