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E61 and E63 alarm during CNC lathe working

E61 and E63 alarm during CNC lathe working


When the CNC lathe machine is working with GSK928TA CNC controller and DY3E stepper drivers, the E61 and E63 alarm appear, restart the power the problem gone.


Same problem appears every half an hours.


E61 alarm means X axis driver power not ready while the E63 alarm means Z axis driver power not ready, if the two alarms appear at the same time, we should check below steps: (from

1-      Are the power cables of the stepper drivers in poor contact?

2-      Are there any components of the stepper drivers broken? Like contactors, isolating switches, etc.

3-      Are the hardware of the stepper drivers broken?

4-      Any problem with the CNC controller I/O output sockets?


In this case we found the contactor coils of the stepper drivers are a little bit short circuit, after turn on the power, the coil electric current will getting smaller and smaller, which caused the control contactor interrupted, so the two drivers lost their power, and then alarm appears.

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