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Error 1 Alarm of GSK AC Servo Drivers

Err-1 of GSK AC Servo Driver

Motor velocity exceeds t he setting value 
(Refer to the PA54 top velocity limit) 

Possible Cause 1:
Encoder feedback signal abnormality
Inspect t he motor encoder or its signal connection or PA1 setting error

Possible cause 2:
In the velocity mode, acceleration/deceleration time constant setting is excessive small, so that the velocity overshoot value i s excessive big. 
Enlarge the acceleration time PA57 and the deceleration time PA58 

Possible cause 3:
PA54 (top velocity limit) setting value excessive small.
Correctly set the PA54 value based upon the motor’s nameplate. 

Possible Cause 4:
Excessive big position command electric gear ratio
Correctly set the electric gear ratio

Above also can apply to other GSK AC Servo Drive models

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