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How To Change CNC Controller Language


1-Turn on GSK980TD/GSK980Tda/GSK980TDb CNC controller

2-Press "Setting" key to enter the parameter switch.
3-Press “L” key to turn the parameter switch, after that there will be an alarm.
4-Press both "Reset" key and ""Cancel key synchronously to remove the alarm.
5-Press  "MDI" key to enter the MDI mode.
6-Press the  "Parameter" key to enter the parameter setting.
7-Press “P”, “1” “8” “4” keys, to find the parameter 184.
8-Change the Bit0 from 0 to 1
9-Press the "Input" key.
10-Turn off the power.
11-Restart GSK980TD/GSK980Tda/GSK98TDb CNC controller, done.
GSK980TDb Specification:
GSK980TDa Specification:
GSK980TD Specification:

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