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How to Choose CNC systems

As we know Fanuc is now the leading CNC system supplier in the world for its good quality and performance, another reason is the Fanuc products are all over the world, many people are using their products, or learn from Fanuc control system.

Siemens is another brand but also famous for their good reputation for the long history brand, this is good for them that even their prices are higher, but people can accept them for trust, this is brand power.

However, what I want to tell is now more and more people try to find solutions from low-cost CNC control systems, we are not talking about complecated control systems like 5 axis or robot system, we are talking about 2 or 3 axis or even 4 axis, some CNC controller from China is on same level with Fanuc and Siemens, for the technology were totally handled by China manufacturer, and their prices are at least 30% lower than Fanuc or Siemens. if we talking about the whole CNC system including AC servo motor and driver, and AC spindle motor and driver, the diffences would be even bigger.

Some people would worry about the quality and after sales service, actually there is no need to worry about this, they can also provide 1 year guarantee, and even send engineer to door and no need to pay the salary, and comparing to Fanuc, they will charge when the engineer sent out from the office.

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