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Lathe CNC Controller Systems

CNC controller systems for CNC Lathes, CNC turning machines and turning centers.

GSK988T CNC Turning center/lathe controller: Five feeding axes(including C axis), any three axes linkage, two analog spindles, support combined processing of turning and milling, 8.4 inch true color LCD supports two-dimensional traverse path, display in stereogram PLC ladder program, DNC communications.




GSK980TDb(Upgraded from GSK980TDa) CNC Turning center/lathe controller: 2 Analog spindle plus 5 feed axes (including C axis), LCD with graphics display, 0.001mm distinguishability, PLC ladder program, 2 axes line/ arc interpolation, DNC communications.



GSK928TEa CNC lathe controller: 1spindle plus 2 simultaneous feed axes, TFT color display with tool path imitation, 0.001mm distinguishability, 2 axes line/ arc interpolation.




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