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CNC lathe spindle braking time too long

Problem: CNC lathe spindle braking time too long


CNC lathe specification: GSK980TD/DA98A, double speed spindle motor, 4 station tool post


How to solve the problem:


1-      Problem detail: The spindle inverter was broken, replace a new one then the problem happened. 


2-      Check if the problem is same as described by user: check other functions first, tool changer, coolant pump, two axes moving fine. Then check the spindle carefully, start the spindle and it runs alright, but the stop time is longer than usual. From


3-      Diagnose: If the spindle motor stop time is longer than usual, we should check below:

Step 1: The parameter of inverter is not right

Step 2: The wiring of brake system has something wrong

Step 3: The belt of the spindle slips.


After check we found that it should be parameter issue and need to replace inverter.

Step 1-Back up the original inverter parameters.

Step 2-Make a record of the wiring before uninstall the inverter.

Step 3-Replace the inverter according to the record.

Step 4-It is suggested to format the inverter parameter before write into it.


In this case we check and found the brake time parameter is set too long as 10 seconds, after change it to 3 seconds, the CNC lathe machine works fine again.

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