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How to fix a broken turret

How to fix a broken turret.

Step by step, telling you how to fix a broken 6-station turret, could be reference to 4-station, 8-station tool posts and turrets.

Here is the 6 position turret.

Firstly,Take off the back cover of the turret.

And Loose the screw at the center of the magnet disk .
Then move slightly forward or backward to right positions,so the Hall effect element can detect the sensors and feedback the signal to the cnc controller system.

Few possibilities:
1),Check the motor of turret. It is running or not? f it is not running, you may check the fuse on the electric panel.
2),if the motor is running, could be the rotation is wrong (clockwise or counterclockwise); you must check the polarity of the cables
3), Check the voltage, is your voltage suitable for turret or not?
6 station tool changer specifications:
Tool Post Production Line:



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