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What can CNC machines do

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are versatile and precise tools commonly used in manufacturing and prototyping. They use computer programs to control the movements of tools and workpieces, allowing for precise cuts and shapes to be made repeatedly.

Here are some examples of what CNC machines can do:

1. Cutting and milling: CNC machines can cut and shape materials such as wood, metal, and plastic into precise shapes and sizes.

2. Drilling: CNC machines can drill holes with precise depth and diameter in a variety of materials.

3. Engraving and etching: CNC machines can engrave intricate designs onto surfaces such as metal, wood, or glass.

4. 3D printing: Some CNC machines use additive manufacturing techniques to build three-dimensional objects layer by layer using materials such as plastic, metal, or wax.

5. CNC lathes: These machines are used for turning and creating cylindrical parts and shapes.

Overall, CNC machines can perform a wide range of tasks with high precision and repeatability, making them essential tools in many industries.

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