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CNC Retrofit and Rebuild

Retrofit and Rebuild

Unlock the hidden value that is in your machine shop! We provide only the best Retrofitting, Refurbishing and Rebuilding Services of your metal cutting machine tools.
Retrofit Services - bringing you the complete solution with CNC control systems, AC servo motor & drivers, AC servo spindle motor & drivers, tool posts, etc. for lathe, milling, machining center and plasma/flame machines
Over the course of three years, CNCmakers personnel have served the manufacturing sector and in the process have been involved in the conversion of its own machinery base from manual to CNC control. Since 2008, CNCmakers Limited has been offering this expertise in rebuilding and retrofitting of a wide variety of metal cutting machine tools.
With machines varying in size and complexity, CNCmakers has refurbished these and sold them around the world to successful businesses who compete in the highly sophisticated manufacturing of parts that are used for aerospace, gas and steam turbine, steel mills and general metal cutting shops, to name but a few.
Retrofit over replacement. The benefits are many.
1-Replacement costs are exponentially higher than retrofit.
2-Delivery time is much shorter than that of a new machine tool.
3-Machine operator familiarity with the machine tools and programs.
4-No new foundation required, etc.
CNC Retrofit Package:

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