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Lubrication Pumps

Lubrication pump is widely used on CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and machining centers.

TZ-Type elevator lubrication pump is designed and manufactured specially for elevator lubrication.
This series elevator lubrication system uses TZ-Type motor-driven lubrication pump and
resist-type distributor. The lubrication pump needs no pressure take-off mechanism and
pressure switch, with simple structure; it uses double-stage filtering to guarantee precision
lubrication performance, longer service life and safety of equipment.

TZ-Type elevator series motor-driven lubrication pump has the options of 2L, 4L
high-strength plastic can or different types of metal can. Different types of lubrication
pumps can be selected to meet the needs of different users for different applications.
Selecting a lubrication pump with level switch and pressure switch enables you to
connect it to main unit computer system and realize integral automatic intermittent,
action and alarm control; Selecting microcomputer lubrication pump means you can
use the lubrication pump to freely set lubrication system intermittent and action time;
The optional NK-3 touch-type digital display microcomputer is beautiful and elegant,
utilizing buzzer for malfunction alarm, and having abnormal output, with NO, NC interface,
simple and easy to use. 

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Lubrication Pump Specification
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