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CNC Retrofit Package

CNC retrofit package, some call it CNC retrofit kit as well.


The basic elements normally includes:

1-    CNC control system for lathe or milling or machining center 1 unit

2-    AC servo motor & drive(2 sets for Lathe, 3 sets or 4 sets for milling machine or machining center )

3-    Spindle motor & drive 1 set

4-    Cables, English user manuals and software 1 set


CNC retrofit package for Mazak M4 For example:

1-    Turning CNC System 1 unit

2-    AC servo motor and driver unit (Including motor+driver+cables+connectors)  For X axis  

       2.3KW15Nm1500rpm9.5A  1 set

3-    AC servo motor and driver unit (Including motor+driver+brake+cables+connectors) For Z axis

       3.3kW22Nm1500rpm19A 1 set

4-    AC servo spindle motor and driver(Including motor+driver+cables+connectors)

       (15kW/18.5kW) Max 7000RPM 1 set


CNCmakers sales team provides:

1-      Detail consultation before ordering.

2-      Tech support during CNC installation.

3-      Trouble shooting if there is any.

4-      Perfect after sales service.


Tell us your machine model with original CNC control system, X, Y and Z axis motor sizes, Spindle motor sizes, we will suggest the most suitable CNC retrofit package, then make a quotation with freight cost for your consideration.


We are not only selling the full CNC retrofit package, but also the satisfaction.     



CNC retrofit kit Introduction in other languages:
CNC مقاوم سازی کیت               CNC modernização                  CNC modernizacja                Sistema di controllo CNC
CNC řídící systém               CNC Larik retrofitting                CNC Strung Reabilitarea                CNC Güçlendirme
Or we have brand new CNC Machining Centers.
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If you could not find the exact model, you can send photos and label to to get quote.

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