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GSK928TEII CNC Controller

GSK928TEII from CNCmakers, realized high-speed um-precision control with CPLD hardware interpolation, has developed for economical high precision turning machine.

GSK928TEII has graphic LCD(480x234 TFT color) display with friendly Chinese/English menu and tool-trail display. Its adjustable speed-up/down time brings that it is widely suitable for reaction step drive system, complex step drive system, and servo drive system.


Controllable/Linkage axes

2 axes ( X , Z axis )

Min. setting unit


Max travel


Max move speed

15000mm /min

User Data Storage

100programs, 24KB

Graphic LCD

480ײ34 TFT, tool-trail graphic display

RS232 interface


Spindle functions

4 grades control or 0 ~10V simulate control

Tool numbers

4 ~ 8 positions

Move ratio

25%,50% , 75% ,100%, adjustable

Feed ratio

0% ~ 150%, 16steps, adjustable



Data protection

User program and parameters safeguard at power-off

Thread function

Metric/inch line thread, taper thread, tool withdrawal mark thread

Electro-hand wheel



Linear/ arc interpolation


Full screen program edit, Doc manage

Program mode

Standard ISO code, relative/absolute complex program
edit, arc program edit with R, I, or K

Main function code

G00 ,G01,G02,G03,G33 ,G90 ,G92 ,G94,G74 ,G75 ,
G72,G22,G80 ,G26 ,G27,G29 ,G32 ,G04,M00 ,M02 ,
M20,M30 ,M03,M04 ,M05,M08,M09 ,M10,M11,M32 ,
M33,?97,M98 ,M99,M21 ,M22,M23,M24 ,M91 ,M92,
S0-S9999 ,F0-9999 ,T00-T88,

Soft/hardware over travel protection, driver alarm protection, parameters protection switch

Overall size

375 *200*118mm /420 *260*123.5mm (small/large)

User Manual: 





CNC Retrofit Kit


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