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CNC Turning Controller

CNC turning controller GSK980TB GSK980TB1 from CNCmakers use 32-bit embedded CPU, and ultra-large-scale programmable devices-FPGA, using real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, the μm-level precision motion control, to ensure high speed, high efficiency machining, GSK980TB1 using 350X234 color screen (TFT)LCD display while the GSK980TB using 320X240 monochrome screen LCD display.


CNC turning controller GSK980TB GSK980TB1 Standard Functions:

1-    Max. Rapid traverse speed 6000mm/min

2-    Max. interpolation speed 6000mm/min

3-    Pitch error compensation

4-    Tool radius compensation

5-    Spindle analog voltage control (frequency spindle)

6-    Communication interface, user I/O 16/16.

7-    Hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tail Block controllable.

8-    48 position power turret (Change with closest tool available)

9-    Max. 24544KB memory for max. 700 CNC programs storage.

10- Two way communication between PC and CNC.

11- Tapping function, metric / imperial and single / multi-head straight thread, taper thread, end thread, variable pitch thread, thread tail back length Angle can be set, high back end processing





User Manual:




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