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GSK928TD CNC Lathe Controller

GSK928TD CNC system from CNCmakers, employs a 32-bit high performance CPU and a complex programmable logic device of very-large-scale programmable array integrated circuits as its control center, thus realizing the movement control with a μm-level precision. The product, equipped with a true color LCD with resolution of 480×234, uses the international standard NC language, also known as ISO codes, to write part programs. It is characterized by the full-screen program editing, Chinese/English operation interface, real-time track and display of the part graph and simple operation as well as the high cost performance. It can be matched with stepper motors or AC servo drive units, and by means of programming, it is capable of machining outer cylinders, end faces, grooves, tapers, circular arcs, threads, etc.

Technical specifications

1-Link axes: 2 (X, Z axes), short linear smooth interpolation at a high speed realizable;

2-Interpolation precision: 0.001mm, max. rapid traverse: 15m/min

3-Flexible and convenient programming

4-USB interface communication, fast and easy to operate

5-Least command increment: 0.001mm, electronic gear ratio:(1~99999)/(1~99999)

6-Realizing controls like automatic tool post, spindle automatic gear shift.

7-Backlash compensation, tool length compensation

8-Exponential acceleration/deceleration control, applicable to high-speed and high-precision machining

9-Tapping function

10-Available to cut inch/metric thread, end face thread, continuous thread; with thread high-speed run-out

11-Full-screen part program editing, capable of storing 255 programs; a capacity of 4 MB for No.253 program

12-True color LCD with a large screen, color profiles selected by parameters

13-Real-time tracking and display of MSTF status during processing

14-Multi-level passwords, convenient for equipment management

15-Parameter backup function

16-Communication of parameters and tool compensation data

17-Support for two-way communication between CNC and CNC, and between CNC and PC; CNC software upgraded through a serial port

18-Support for two-way communication between CNC and USB; CNC software upgraded through USB


19-Installation dimension, electrical characteristics and part of interfaces compatible with GSK928TC turning machine NC system



Neither the parameters nor the functions of Y axis described in this manual are valid. The interface RS232 of the system has not been led out; to lead it out from the inside of the system, special tools and professional technician are required.


Motion control Simultaneously controlled axes (interpolation axes): 2 (X, Y axes)
Interpolation function: linear, circular, and thread interpolation of X and Z axes
Position command range: -9999.999 mm9999.999mm; least command increment: 0.001mm
Electronic gear: Command multiplier coefficient 199999, command division coefficient 199999
Rapid traverse rate: Max. 15000mm/min; rapid override: F25%, 50%, 75%, 100% four-level real time adjustment
Cutting feedrate: Max. 4000mm/min; feedrate override: 16-level real time adjustment from 0150% (increment 10%)
  Manual feedrate: 0mm/min1260mm/min 16-level real time adjustment, or user-defined speed in real time
  MPG feed: Three gears, 0.001mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm
  Acceleration/deceleration: Either exponential or linear acceleration/deceleration can be selected for cutting feed.
G codes G codes: G00, G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, (G22/G80), G26, G28, G30, G31, G32, G33, G50, G51, G66, G67, G71, G72, G73, G74, G75, G76, G90, G92, G94, G96, G97, G98, G99
Thread machining Capable of machining single /multiple metric/inch straight thread, taper thread and end face thread; Thread run-out length, angle and speed characteristics settable, with high-speed run-out processing; thread pitch: 0.001mm500mm or 0.06 teeth/inch ~ 25400 teeth/inch; taping function available
Spindle encoder: Setting range of encoder lines: 100 p/r5000p/r; drive ratio between encoder and spindle: 11
  Backlash compensation: 0 mm10.000mm
Precision compensation Tool compensation: 16 tool numbers, 64 groups of tool length compensations Tool setting mode: Trial tool setting, fixed point tool setting; Tool compensation execution mode: tool compensation executed by modifying coordinates, tool compensation executed by moving tool post
M codes M00, M02, M20, M30, M03, M04, M05, M08, M09, M10, M11, M12, M32, M33, M41, M42, M43, M44, M78, M79, M80, M81, M82, M83, M96, M97, M98, M99, M91, M92, M93, M94, M21, M22, M23, M24user defined M codesM60M74
T codes Up to 16 tool numbers (T01□□T16□□), control process of tool change is selected by setting tool post type parameters; tool post type is set to 0 when using a line-up tool.
  Speed switch value control mode: The output range of S command 4-gear direct control is S01S04; or the output range of the 16-gear BCD code is S00S15.
Spindle speed control Speed analog voltage control mode: S commands specify the spindle speed per minute or cutting linear speed (constant surface speed control); the CNC outputs 0V10V voltage to the spindle frequency converter; spindle stepless speed variation; support for 4 spindle mechanical gears M41~ M44
I/O function I/O function diagnosis display
I/O interface: 23 points input/18 points output
Display interface Display: 480×234 lattice true color LCD, with LED or CCFL backlight
Display mode: Chinese or English display interface set by parameters; real-time display of machining path
  Program number: up to 255 programs, program storage capacity: 4400KB
Program edit Edit mode: Full-screen editing, support for incremental/absolute coordinate mixed programming, program calling, and subprogram multi-level nesting




GSK 928 TD Communication:  

With USB interface; bidirectional transmission of programs, parameters and tool compensations

between CNC and USB; support for system software upgrade by USB download


GSK928 TD Adaptive driver

DA98 series digital AC servo or DY3 series step drive device, with pulse + direction signal input


GSK928TD User manual:





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