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GSK980JMS series bus-based lathe CNC system is the latest system product developed and manufactured. It adopts GSK-Link industrial Ethernet bus, manual pulse cutting test, Cs axis control and other functions. The processing speed, accuracy and surface roughness have been greatly improved, and the newly designed The man-machine interface is beautiful, friendly, and easy to use; the connection is more convenient, and the programming is more concise, which can meet the application requirements of popular CNC lathes.
Standard GE system bus-type servo unit, optional bus I/O, etc.
Adopt 8.4-inch true color LCD, support Chinese and English bilingual selection
The minimum control accuracy is 0.1um, the maximum moving speed is 60m/min
Adaptive servo spindle can realize spindle orientation, Cs axis control and other functions
Single-head, multi-head metric and inch straight thread, taper thread and end thread functions
With MPG trial cutting and MPG interruption functions
Support RS232 communication
Provide 12-stage shutdown setting
Support servo turret, four-station electric turret, hydraulic turret, etc.

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