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GSK980TA3 Turning CNC Controller

GSK980TA3 turning CNC controller from CNCmakers, is an updated product of GSK980TA2 system, using ARM9 hardware platform, run faster, high speed, high efficiency, has two times, elliptic curve interpolation interpolation, parabolic interpolation, circular groove machining instructions and automatic cutter compensation function. The pre RS232 communication interface, a USB interface, support U disk file operation and software upgrade, is the best choice of economic NC system.



1-Two curve interpolation, ellipse interpolation, parabolic interpolation function.

2-The groove processing cycle instruction.

3-Automatic cutter compensation function.

4-Custom M code (for automatic feeding).

5-Adaptive control servo spindle, spindle indexing.

6-With front USB interface, support U disk file operation and software upgrade.

7-There is a variety of security features, complete data backup and recovery.

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