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GSK980TDi Plus

GSK980TDi Plus CNC Controller

+ Support for enhanced roughing cycle
+ Support spindle speed floating function
+ Support torque control
+ Support turning and milling combined machining
+ Minimum moving unit 1nm, maximum moving speed 100m/min
GSK980TDI Plus is based on the GSK-Link industrial field bus, and is equipped with a servo motor with a multi-turn absolute high-resolution position encoder (25 bits) as standard to achieve 1nm-level position accuracy output. Simplified processing operation operation page, bringing pleasant operation experience to end customers. The wizard-style machine tool debugging method brings a new mode of "conversational" machine request and maintenance to the manufacturer's debugging personnel and maintenance personnel.
product description
Improvement, the system provides functions such as spindle synchronization, chip breaking, parallel axis, custom page, FTP file transfer, trapezoidal groove cutting cycle, etc.
Under the premise of ensuring the machining accuracy, the new system improves the machining efficiency of the parts by optimizing the path of the traditional cutting cycle command. At the same time, in order to meet the automation degree of modern machine tools
Based on GSK-Link industrial field bus
8.4" horizontal
+ Support online configuration of servo parameters and real-time monitoring of servo status
+ Support secondary development of display interface (user-defined)
+ Support stopless mechanical return to zero
+ Support Chinese input method
+ Standard bus servo drive unit and multi-turn 25-bit absolute encoder
+ Maximum number of feed axes: 6 Maximum number of spindles: 4
8.4" vertical

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