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GSK980TDi Bus Turning CNC

GSK980TDi Bus Turning CNC System



GSK980TDi Bus type CNC turning control system from CNCmakers is a new product based on GSK980TDc,

and its software and hardware are upgraded,with bigger 8.4'' LCD screen and more

powerful built-in PLC which controls 5 feeding axes (including C axis), 2 analog spindles,

2ms interpolation in high speed, 0.1 μm control precision, which obviously improve the

efficiency, precision and surface quality of parts processing. New USB interface,

it supports the file operation and program running in flash disk. As the upgraded product

of GSK980TDc, GSK980TDi is the best choice of CNC lathe for the technical upgrading in economical type.

n        Five axes of X, Z, Y, 4th and 5th control, the axial name and type of Y, 4th and 5th

can be defined.

n        2ms interpolation cycle, precision of 1μm or 0.1μm can be selected.

n        Maximum speed 60m/min (When it is 0.1μm, the maximum speed is 24m/min).

n        Adapted servo spindle can realize spindle continuous position, rigid tapping,

rigid screw processing

n        Built-in many PLC programs, the current running PLC program can be selected

n        G71 command supports the cycle cutting of groove shape outline

n        Support the programming of macro command in sentence type and the calling

of macro program with parameter.

n        Support programming in metric system/inch system, with function of auto

tool-setting, auto chamfering, tool life management.

n        Display in Chinese, English, Spanish or Russian, which is selected by parameter.

n        With USB interface, it supports file operation in flash disk, system configuration

and software upgrade.

n        Analog voltage output of 0V10V in two channels, support double spindles

n        Electrical MPG input in one channel, it supports hand electrical MPG.

n        Common input in 40 points/common output in 32 points

n        Overall installation dimension and the command system are completely

compatible with GSK980TDa. 


n       Number of control axes

u       Number of control axes: five axes (X, Z, Y, 4th and 5th

u       Number of linkage axes: three axes

u       Number of PLC control axes: four axes

n        Feeding axes function

u       Minimum command unit: 0.001mm or 0.0001mm is selectable

u       Position command range: ±99999999 × minimum command unit

u       24m/min Rapid traverse speed: When the command unit is

0.001mm, the maximum speed is 60m/min; 0.0001mm, the

maximum speed is 24m/min.

u       Rapid override: Total four levels: F0, 25%, 50% and 100%,

real-time adjusting

u       Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0150%, real-time adjusting

u       Interpolation mode: Interpolation of linear, arc (support arc

interpolation of three points), thread, ellipse and parabola and rigid tapping.

u       Auto chamfering

n        Thread

u       Common thread (follow the spindle)/rigid thread

u       Single-headed/multiple thread of straight, taper and terminal surface

in metric system/inch system, equal and variable pitch thread

u       Thread retraction length, angle and speed characteristics can be set

u       Thread pitch: 0.01mm500mm or 0.06 tooth/inch25,400 tooth/inch

n        Acceleration and deceleration function

u       Cutting feeding: Linear type or index type is selectable.

u       Rapid traverse: Linear type or S type

u       Thread cutting: Linear type or index type is selectable.

u       The starting speed, finishing speed and time of acceleration and

deceleration are set by the parameter.

n        Spindle function

u       Analog voltage 0V10V output in two channels, support

two-spindle control.

u       Spindle encoder feedback in one channel, the resolution

of spindle encoder can be set100p/r5000p/r.

u       The transmission ratio between encoder and spindle is:


u       Spindle speed: It is set by S code or PLC signal, the speed

range is 0rpm9999rpm.

u       Spindle override: Total 8 levels: 50%120%, real-time adjusting

u       Spindle constant surface speed control 

u       Rigid tapping

n        Tool function

u       Tool length compensation

u       Tool nose radius compensation (C type)

u       Tool wearing compensation

u       Tool life management

u       Method of setting tools: Tool-setting in fixed position, trial cutting

tool-setting, return to reference point, auto tool-setting

u       Tool offset executing mode: Rewriting coordinate mode, tool

traverse mode

n        Precision compensation

u       Backlash compensation

u       Pitch error compensation in memory type

n        PLC function

u       PLC program in two levels, maximum 5,000 steps, the refresh

cycle of the 1st level program: 8ms

u       PLC program communication download

u       Support PLC warning and PLC alarm

u       Support many PLC programs (maximum 16), the current

running PLC program can be selected

u       Basic I/O: input in 40 points/output in 32 points

n         Man-machine interface

u       7.4″large screen LCD, the resolution is 234×480

u       Display in Chinese, English, Spanish or Russian, etc

u       Display in two-dimensional tool path

u       Real-time clock

n        Operation management

u       Operation mode: Edit, auto, MDI, mechanical zero return,

MPG/single step, manual, program zero-return

u       Operation authority of multiple-level management

u       Alarm record

n        Editing program

u       Program capacity: 25M, 10,000 programs (including

subprograms, macro programs)

u       Editing function: program/block/characters research,

rewriting and deleting

u       Program format: ISO code, support macro command

programming in sentence type, programming of relative

coordinate, absolute coordinate and hybrid coordinate.  

u       Calling program: Support macro program with parameter,

subprogram nesting of 4 layers.

u      Community function

u       RS232: Files of part program and parameter, etc can be

transmitted in two-way, support PLC program, serial ports of

software upgrade.

u       USB File operation and file directly processing in flash

disk, support PLC programs, flash disk of software upgrade.

n        Safety function

u       Emergency stop

u       Hardware travel limit

u       Software travel limit

u       Data restoring and recovering



G command table

 Rapid traverse (positioning)
Skip function
Radial roughing cycle
Linear interpolation
Constant pitch thread cutting
Closed cutting cycle
CW arc interpolation
Rigid thread cutting
Axial grooving cycle
CCW arc interpolation
Z tapping cycle
Radial grooving cycle
Dwell, exact stop
Thread cutting with variable lead
Multiple thread cutting cycle 
Three-point arc interpolation
Automatic tool compensation X
Rigid tapping state cancel
Ellipse interpolation (CW)
Automatic tool compensation Z
Axial rigid tapping
Ellipse interpolation(CCW)
Tool nose radius compensation cancel
Radial rigid tapping
Parabola interpolation(CW)
Tool nose radius compensation left
Axial cutting cycle
Parabola interpolation(CCW)
Tool nose radius compensation right
Thread cutting cycle
Data input ON
Workpiece coordinate system setting
Radial cutting cycle
Data input OFF
 Macro command non-modal call
Constant surface speed control
Input in inch
Macro program modal call
Constant surface speed control cancel
Input in metric
Macro program modal call cancel
Feed per minute
Reference point return
Finishing cycle
Feed per rev
2nd, 3rd, 4th reference point return
Axial roughing cycle(flute cycle)



Macro command list

Command format
G65 H01 P#i Q#j
# i = # j assign value of j to i
G65 H02 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal add operation
# i = # j + # k
G65 H03 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal subtract operation
# i = # j - # k
G65 H04 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal multiplication operation
# i = # j×# k
G65 H05 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal division operation
# i = # j÷# k
G65 H11 P#i Q#j R#k;
Binary addition
# i = # j OR # k
G65 H12 P#i Q#j R#k;
Binary multiplication(operation)
# i = # j AND # k
G65 H13 P#i Q#j R#k;
Binary exclusive or
# i = # j XOR # k
G65 H21 P#i Q#j;
Decimal square root
# i = # j
G65 H22 P#i Q#j;
Decimal absolute value
# i = |# j |
G65 H23 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal remainder
Remainder of # i = (#j÷# k)
G65 H24 P#i Q#j;
Decimal into binary
# i = BIN(# j )
G65 H25 P#i Q#j;
Binary into decimal
# i = DEC(# j )
G65 H26 P#i Q#j R#k;
Decimal multiplication/division operation 
# i = # i×# j÷# k
G65 H27 P#i Q#j R#k;
Compound square root
# i = 22 ## kj +
G65 H31 P#i Q#j R#k;
# i = # j×sin(# k)
G65 H32 P#i Q#j R#k;
# i = # j×cos(# k)
G65 H33 P#i Q#j R#k;
# i = # j×tan(# k)
G65 H34 P#i Q#j R#k;
Arc tangent
# i = ATAN(# j / # k)
G65 H80 Pn;
Unconditional jump
Jump to block n
G65 H81 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 1
Jump to block n if # j = # k,otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H82 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 2
Jump to block n if # j ≠ # k, otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H83 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 3
Jump to block n if # j # k, otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H84 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 4
Jump to block n if # j # k, otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H85 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 5
Jump to block n if # j ≥ # k, otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H86 Pn Q#j R#k;
Conditional jump 6
Jump to block n if # j ≤# k, otherwise the system executes in order
G65 H99 Pn;
P/S alarm 
(500+n) alarms

Configuration Software and Communication Software

GSK980TDi uses the same configuration software GSKCC and communication software TDComm2,

which run in WINDDOWS98 /2000/XP. GSKCC can edit ladders, part programs, parameters, pitch

error compensation data and tool compensation data, and complete the upload and download

files and data between PC and GSK980TDb. TDComm can bidirectionally transmit part programs,

parameters, pitch error compensation data and tool compensation data between PC and CNC.




Standard AccessoriesSwitch power: GSK-PB2(assembled at the back of CNC)
Connector assembly: CNC interfaces are connected by one set of plug( DB9 female×2,
DB15 male×3, DB25 female×1, DB25 male×1) Note: Corresponding plugs along with
cables are supplied when they along with other components including drive unit unit
are delivered. Accessory cables: 12m 10-core shield cable (3m for each X axis, Z axis,
input interface XS40/ XS41, output interface XS39/ XS42); 9m 8-core shield cable
(3m for each spindle encoder, input interface XS40/ XS41, output interface XS39/ XS42); 
3m 4-core shield cable (inverter interface); Note: The above-mentioned cables as
wires are supplied. Signal cables with welded plugs are supplied when a whole set of
drive unit and tool post controller is delivered. The requirements for cable length and
welding should be remarked in the order list.                  
Optional Accessories
Communication cable A: serial communication cable 5m×1 between PC
and GSK980TDc (for end user and machine tool manufacturer)
Communication cable B: serial communication cable 5mx1 between
GSK980TDc and PC (for machine tool manufacturer used for installing
and debugging the system)
Communication disc: communication software TDComm installation disc ×1
Ladder programming software: GSKCC installation disc ×1 MPG: Dongxin
RE45T1S05B1 (option: AP01) OR Changchun LGF-001-100(OPTION: AP02);
Additional panelAP01aluminum alloy 420mm×71mm can be assembled
under of GSK980TDc
operation panel;
aluminum alloy 100mm×260mmcan be
assembled at the side of
GSK980TDb operation panel;

Emergent stop button: LAY3-02ZS/1 (it has been installed when
GSK980TDa-B is delivered);
No self-locking button: KH-516-B11 (green or red);
Self-locking button: KH-516-B21 (green or red);
I/O transfer terminal block: MCT 03

Note: one set of I/O transfer cable (with 26-core shield cable,
DB25 male/female socket) when MCT03 is matched
GSK980TDi Series CNC PLC User Manual ×1
Note: Optional accessories as product ones (without being
installed and connected) are supplied and it should be remarked
in the order list when they are required to install and connect.
Order Remarks in order
1       1 Product typeGSK980TDi, GSK980TDi-B, number
2       2 Type and number of assembly (drive unit, isolated transformer)
3       3 Length and connection of accessory cable
4       4 Name, type, quantity, installation & connection requirements of
optional accessories
5       5 Whether PLC program(ladder) is provided according to special

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